This post is from my best friend @smfffff and I! She’s the only person who can end a horrible day with a great laugh and i love her for that!


Always stay positive, Enjoy reading! Whoever said laughing was the best medicine knew what he was saying because laughing does really cure all the symptoms of sadness and depression one can own. In today’s society, we see alot of people that are somewhat sad, dissatisfied and simply unhappy with who they are or what they have in their lives. Im not the type of person who usually thinks that every problem has a solution, some problems are meant to be left behind, forgotten about and just given up on. The same goes with negativity. Negativity shouldnt be an option towards any situation at all. If you dont have a positive, optimistic mind.. how else are you going to survive through the harsh surroundings society has to offer us? Once you have a bad day, always remember to never put out your anger or pressure on anyone around you. Treat people the way you like to be treated, and if you really need to put out your anger and frustration on something, do it for something that would benefit you. Go do a workout, cook something (don’t burn the kitchen down), write it out on paper then rip it apart or just save it for an everlasting memory of how strong you are, there are many solutions someone can do when they’re angry, and one of them isn’t putting it out on people that weren’t involved in your frustration. The worst thing you can do is have someone bring you down with them when they’re in a rough state, therefore, don’t ever think of doing the same to them when you aren’t stable enough. Stay strong, be optimistic, and patience will guide you through the tough times you go through.

 ”Whoever is happy can make others happy, too.”

Have a gorgeous day everyone & dont forget to SMILE! :)